Partnering with Kanjikode Industry Forum to foster communication and collaboration among academicians and industrialists, Utkarsh enriches the minds of the youth by nurturing enthusiasm in them. UTKARSH plays a significant role- in identifying the issues faced by industries and presenting viable solutions to the root issues. Industries can present their problems and find solutions with the help of experts. The promise of Utkarsh is to find appropriate solutions for technological and other problems faced by industries by providing them with the required skill set. The initiative supports youths as well as industries by offering jobs and internships to young job aspirants and by providing industries with a trained and skilled force. The efforts of Utkarsh are to bind industries all over South India and facilitate a strong professional network for communication and collaboration

Start-up Rendezvous

Developing futuristic ideas and innovating the right platform for the effective launch of start-ups IPTIF organized Start-up Rendezvous in Coimbatore. The initiative aimed at helping innovative brains with an entrepreneurial perspective to step up product-based start-ups that are primarily interested in hardware technology or the ICS sector. The event guaranteed a significant leap to the participants by enacting the role of a springboard for innovative start-ups having the potential to shape the future.

Ananta Medha Webinar Series

On May 17, 2022, Dr Tessy Thomas, a renowned scientist, officially launched our two-month webinar series Ananta Medha, which will include prominent women in science, engineering, and technology from around the world. The webinar series highlighted the numerous research and job pathways open to students studying science and technology while focusing on their cutting-edge contributions to academia, science, and technology
The EIR virtual gala between Nov 8 and 12, ‘21 was a huge success. Young minds had the opportunity to participate in discussions and break-out sessions with the industry’s top leaders. It gave them the confidence to put their business ideas into action. The fact that six EIR fellows were enlisted as a result of the gala’s success was encouraging to us at IPTIF.