Our Story

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has created a National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems (NM-ICPS), under which a total budget of Rs. 3660 Crores has been committed to establish 25 Technology Innovation Hubs (TIH) across India. The TIH will act as an enabler to address product/ technology development, human resource development, startup development and establish national and international collaborations.

Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad has been selected to host the TIH on Intelligent Collaborative Systems, with an initial approved budget of Rs. 100 Crores for a period of 5 years. The targets of this mission will be addressed through IPTIF.

IIT Palakkad has established IIT Palakkad  Technology IHub Foundation (IPTIF) to facilitate the Technology Innovation Hub on Intelligent Collaborative Systems (TIH-ICS) setup at IIT Palakkad by NM-ICPS coordinated by the DST, Govt. of India. TIH-ICS, through IPTIF, plans to attract potential and harness expertise available nationwide, thus fostering research innovation, world class technology and product development.

Modelling, analysis, control, devices, networks, robotics, data, and simulations are all building blocks of CPS technologies. We focus on Intelligent collaboration (or Merger) of these building blocks to propel the application of high priority in the CPS National Mission. These applications include but are not limited to agriculture, healthcare, cybersecurity / privacy, industrial operations, transportation, surveillance, communication.

IPTIF also plans to build linkages with research institutes and labs within and outside India. One of the primary goals of this company is to work in close collaboration with industry to deliver commercial technology and products, and build a vibrant innovation ecosystem by providing a reliable platform for technology-based start-ups and entrepreneurs.


Foster cutting-edge research, novel product development, industry-relevant upskilling, and all-encompassing entrepreneurial support in the domain of cyber-physical systems.


 Our mission is to establish a world-class research hub to :

  • Increase India’s competitiveness, enable sustainable economic growth and job creation by promoting and strengthening research, skill development, translational research and product in cyber-physical systems with an emphasis on intelligent and collaborative systems (ICS).
  • Power innovation and entrepreneurship in India by creating environments for creative and innovative thoughts to thrive.

We will provide the required knowledge, skills, and real-world experience to academics, innovators, and innovation-driven startup ecosystems so that they can succeed in research, skill development, and technology product development.


Promote and strengthen ICS research, skill development, technology-based product development, and international collaborations to improve competitiveness, long-term economic growth, and job creation. Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship by cultivating circumstances that foster creative and inventive thinking.

Board of Directors

Dr. A. Seshadri Sekhar

Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad
Chairman of Board of Directors

Dr P B Sunil Kumar

Professor Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras

Dr. Albert Sunny

Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad
Project Director TIH-ICS

Mr. M. S. Unnikrishnan

Chief Executive Officer
IITB-Monash Research Academy

Dr. Vijay Muralidharan

Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad
Project Director TIH-ICS

Dr. Abhishek

Associate Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Dr. Santhakumar Mohan

Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad