At IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation (IPTIF), we engage in activities that create value to the local and national ecosystem.

Under the aegis of:

What's New at IPTIF

Advanced-level short term course on Industrial Power Converters Design

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Core Activities

Research and Product Development

  • Nodal point for product and technology related investments (VCs, CSR, Govt. grants, etc.)
  • Funding product and technology development through projects
  • Help filing IPs and licensing to industry
  • Linking VCs, Industries, Startups, Academia and technologies/products

Skill Development

  • Graduate, Post-graduate and Doctoral fellowships
  • Skill development programs and workshops
  • National and International collaborations


  • Incubation of startups (including very early stage ideas)
  • Entrepreneur in residence programs
  • Seed support system
  • Accelerator programs
  • Grand challenges