EIR - Cohort - 3

Himanshu Gupta

Renergizr Industries Pvt Ltd (Smart hybrid clean tech energy system)

Aritra Ghosh

Vidyutva Technology Private Limited (Preventive Maintenance of EV charging by Charging Management System)

Sai Kiran

Zeromatter Tech Pvt Ltd (High Performance EV Bike with active thermal management system)

Sankar S

eDrift electric private limited (NMC & LFP Battery charger using eDrift’s charge converter module)

Navaneeth M

Associated with Bumblebee Instruments Pvt Ltd (Affordable 4-quadrant Source Measurement Unit)

Linshad Latheef

Allabout Innovation and Advanced Research (Radian Electric Outboard Motor)

Nandhu Kiran

Fourth dynamics (Energy consumption data monitoring device for electric vehicles)

Shakeel Akthar S

Elaicle Technologies (Intra-campus patrolling vehicle)

Vishnu T U

Xerror. (Virtual Reality (VR) Simulation Enhancement Suite)

EIR - Cohort - 2

Abeedar M A

Hybrid Energy Source for IoT Nodes

Govinda Hari Sonavane

Agri Waste Pvt
Ltd. (Low Cost Bio-Char Machine)

Vimal Kumar

Vi INNOVATIONS Pvt. Ltd. (Wireless Control of Automobile Devices)

EIR - Cohort - 1

Prashanth Kumar Gopala

HomeCook (Erase ‘cooking’ from your daily routine)

Amrutha M

Self Powered wearable electronics and biosensors

Nandakishor M

Cuty – Your AI Mental Health Companion

Adithyan S Potty

VAYUS- Microbial Air Sampler

Harris Wilson